Facial Thread Veins

What Are They?

Thread veins (red veins) are tiny blood vessels which are often close to surface of the skin and look like fine red wiggly lines. Thread veins are also known as 'spider veins' or 'red veins'.

Are They Common?

YES very! Nearly all of us as we age, will get some form of thread veins. Around 1 in 5 women in their 20s - 30s have thread veins, this rises to almost 3 in 5 by the age of 40 and continues to increase.

What Causes Thread Veins

Unfortunately these is NO obvious cause. These types of veins develop as we age due to our skin becoming less elastic. However it has been noted that changes associated with pregnancy and menopause can provoke increased development of thread veins - hence why women are more prone to Thread Veins than men.

How To Treat Thread Veins

There are several options available to remove thread veins including lasertherapy, sclerotherapy, a mixture of both or tiny injections such as Thermavein. The majority of treatment options are painless and produce significant results, the Thermavein type treatments have become much more popular across the UK, due to producing better results than laser.

This article was written with the help of ThermaVein UK, who are a specialist thread vein removal equipment provider for the removal of Thread Veins, Spide Veins and other skin conditions. For more information please visit: www.thermavein.com