Get Fit Foundation

As the UK fitness Governing Body, specializing in activity and fitness, wellbeing and healthy lifestyle the Get Fit Foundation (GEFF) offers realistic support through our unique activity tracking system, I-Ped. Government said of GEFF's initiative - "The best we've seen."

Whether you're staying fit, keeping fit or just starting out, we recommend activity options to assist in guiding you to maintain a long term active lifestyle. Try our 5 minute DIY Health Test as a great way to assess your wellbeing. GEFF is the not-for-profit National Governing Body for physical activity in the UK, supporting people to become and remain more active. GEFF has been launched in order to broker partnerships with Government and the private sector. The Get Fit Foundation supports people to maintain health and physical activity levels, health and well-being through easy, convenient and fun activities, events and innovative communication tools.   GEFF was launched in March 2004 to support the UK Government objective of having 70% of the population engaging in 30 minutes' exercise five times per week by 2020. The challenge is to increase the percentage of UK adults now active from 32% to 50% in line with countries such as Australia and Finland. Currently, inactive people are unlikely to join fitness or sports clubs as a first step. A 'bridge' is required to manage a change of attitude and behaviour. Firstly to get people to start and secondly to stay engaged in physical activity.