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About the Get Fit Foundation (GEFF)

GEFF is the not-for-profit National Governing Body for physical activity in the UK, supporting people to become and remain more active. GEFF has been launched in order to broker partnerships with Government and the private sector. The Get Fit Foundation supports people to maintain health and physical activity levels, health and well-being through easy, convenient and fun activities, events and innovative communication tools.

GEFF was launched in March 2004 to support the UK Government objective of having 70% of the population engaging in 30 minutes' exercise five times per week by 2020. The challenge is to increase the percentage of UK adults now active from 32% to 50% in line with countries such as Australia and Finland.

Currently, inactive people are unlikely to join fitness or sports clubs as a first step. A 'bridge' is required to manage a change of attitude and behaviour. Firstly to get people to start and secondly to stay engaged in physical activity.

GEFF is creating a portfolio of motivational, straightforward and highly effective initiatives with far reaching benefits... Benefits way beyond just participation in sport. Benefits that will be the catalyst for wholesale change in social attitudes toward health and physical activity and, as a result, make a major contribution to defusing the rampant onset of inactivity, obesity and related health issues such as the near epidemic levels of Diabetes.

So, what does GEFF offer?

The innovative I-PED website tracking system that logs progress whether by walking, swimming, dancing, jogging or cycling.

GEFF recognises the need to understand, revitalise and reward people to sustain interest and involvement in their own health and activity. To this end a simple and easy 5 minute DIY Health Test is available for general awareness.

To support this even further, GEFF promotes activity through major events, both nationally and internationally, such as The 20-20 World Cricket Classic.

Additionally, nationally inclusive schools programmes are being developed to engage children in activity, regardless of age or ability.

Partnerships with major charities are developing to ensure a coordinated approach to activity in leisure time as well as the workplace.

The essence of success is simplicity. Through a holistic approach embracing the public-private sector, GEFF will be pivotal for engaging the population leading up to and beyond the 2012 London Olympics.

The GEFF Directors...

Keith Pont, GEFF CEO and 20-20 World Cricket Classic Tournament Director.

Former Director of Development, England and Wales Cricket Board - responsible for internationally acclaimed cricket initiatives, resources and grass roots events. All rounder with Essex (1970-1986) Keith scored almost 10,000 runs and took close to 200 wickets in all competitions for Essex.

Steve Blackman, GEFF Director

Has support sport internationally over the past 15 years, including the development and delivery of CricketForce, a grass-roots scheme which engaged with 50,000 volunteers and generated circa £15 million for community club cricket.

Caroline Knox, GEFF Director

Has considerable experience in hosting major events and supporting PR and media visibility following her career with Dr Henry Kissinger and the NSW Minister for Health.

The GEFF team can help your organisation...

  • Create a legacy through sponsorship
  • Raise your organisation's profile
  • Enhance staff loyalty and morale
  • Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility


DIY Health Test