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Detailed analysis of swimming and its rules

Swimming is a game where an individual or team participates using their entire body to swim underwater.  A pool or open water is needed for swimming competition. It gained popularity in the Olympic game. At first in the year of 1896, the swimming competition was held in Athens Olympic.  The National swimming society introduced this competition in Britain in the 18th century. In the year 1877 in America, the first national championship was held. It is believed that around 10000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were swimming. The goggles, a swim cap, and a swimsuit are only 3 things required for participating in a swimming competition. The movement of the arms is done by semi-circular motion one after another for pushing water towards the direction of legs. When the swimmer catches water with an arm, the other arm helps in recovering. The swimmer kicks the water with pointed toes and tries to reduce dragging by making their legs straight.

The terminology associated with swimming sports

  • Front crawl:  It is also referred to as a forward crawl. It is mainly used in freestyle. It is a stroke through which a swimmer moves his arms and legs to go against the water and give the speed to the swimmer going forward.
  • Dolphin kick; this is used for butterfly stroke.
  • Freestyle: when a swimmer becomes regular in swimming, front crawl is used for this stroke.
  • Butterfly stroke; when the swimmer swims on the chest with both arms harmoniously by using butterfly kick
  • Deck: The area which is surrounded by a pool, the surface of the deck is made of concrete or solid matter.
  • Backstroke: it is the easiest way of swimming in the water. In this stroke, the swimmer lifts his one arm up and over the head at a time.
  • Breaststroke: in this style, the hands of the swimmer are underwater or right at the surface. It completely depends on the swimmer. This stroke looks like a frog kick. In this stroke, the heel of the swimmer comes together toward the buttocks and then pushes in a single motion.
  • Butterfly: this stroke does not look like a butterfly. In this stroke, the legs of the swimmer place together and create a kick like a dolphin. The arms move forward over the water 
  • Wall: this is the place where a swimmer commences, finishes, practices. It can be used as a resting purpose for the swimmers.

The rules of swimming

  • In a relay, there are 4 swimmers competing as a team. A swimmer can swim only once in a relay. He needs to finish ¼ th of the total distance.
  • In backstroke starts, the swimmers need to commence under the water
  • The toes are being kept under the surface. Before surfacing, the swimmer needs to swim 15 meters maximum.
  • In freestyle, swimmers can swim according to their own wishes, except for individual medley relay events.
  • The swimmer can touch the wall after finishing each length and at the ending point.


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