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Celebrity Interview Transcripts

Martin Johnson, Gary Lineker and Francois Pienaar talk frankly about family and staying fit and healthy.

Martin Johnson

Sport and physical activity has always been a huge part of my life and will continue to be so.

When I retire there are plenty of things I'd love to get involved in that I can't do now - biking and walking - that I'll be doing a lot more of when I've got the time.

I play plenty of golf which keeps me walking. I also walk the dogs and 4 boys as well keeps me pretty active - playing football, cricket, going on walks with them. It's good for everybody.

"Walking is something I can share with my family - do half an hour or an hour in the countryside - it's fantastic, good fun, nice to be together, quiet and relaxing and good for you as well." - Martin Johnson

Gary Linekar

Apart from the golf course, I do a number of miles each time, we also do quite a bit of walking with the kids, but mainly walking the dogs, we get plenty of exercise that way. Obesity is a big issue right now, there are so many other distractions, play stations, computers and television.

If you just sit down all day and vegetate it's just unhealthy. I don't think it's a particularly difficult argument to sell really to say that you should get out and do a bit of exercise.

It's just making that initial start. Once you get yourself going you're away.

"Walking is a great way of starting. Having done nothing for years, you don't go straight out and run a marathon. You have to take it step by step. It certainly costs nothing - Just a bit of time and effort. It's habitual. If you can get yourself doing it and get used to it you will look forward to and enjoy it." - Gary Lineker

Francois Pienaar

I do quite a lot of walking and also some running. I think they go hand on hand. I have done quite a lot of marathons and end up walking most of the way.

"We are fortunate to live on a golf course estate so my wife and I and the two little kids do quite a bit of walking. It's a great way to spend your afternoon - walking on the golf course." - Francois Pienaar



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