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Physical Activity


Physical Activity is essential for the health and wellbeing of both young people and adults alike. Whatever form it takes - walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing to name but a few - the heart needs to exercise and physical activity gives it the work out required. While typically we tend to be less active as we grow older, now lifestyles even for the young are becoming more sedentary. Yet the importance of maintaining regular exercise at any age, cannot be overemphasized and the disastrous affects of chronic inactivity are too numerous to mention. Physical Activity


If you're resuming exercise after a long lay off, we recommend you start with walking. Login to our I-PED Activity Tracking System and register your distance walked. Recently we've seen the England cricketer, Darren Gough, win the Strictly Ballroom competition and talk about the change to his life and health through this form of activity. Take control of your life now and make the first step to a healthy lifestyle. To really enhance your wellbeing, review your nutritional intake. When you combine Physical Activity with healthy eating the results can be truly awesome. We're with you all the way!


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