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Health & Activity Village

The first Get Fit Foundation (GEFF) Health & Activity Village (HAV) is being held in Bermuda during the 20-20 World Cricket Classic from 22 - 30 April 2006. It has something for all ages and abilities.

Hundreds of pedometers will be given away every day (courtesy of GEFF and CELLULARONE). When you have completed your activities there will be people to help you enter your pedometer readings on GEFF’s FREE online i-ped fitness tracker. If you register on GEFF’s website during the event, you could win a 512MB Apple iPod Shuffle!

Here are some of the activities that will be there:

Bermuda Green Dragon   Ten Pin Zorbing   Super Slip Fielding
Imagine a playground where the only limit is the imagination. The Green Dragon is a magical play area suitable for younger children (up to 11).   Wriggle inside your 12ft wide Zorb Ball and pit yourself against the 4ft high pins and your opponent in the neighbouring track.   Ideal for all ages, wear what you like and dive to your heart's content off the inflatable tee to catch the ball - howzat.

Rugby Rebound   Soccer Penalty Shoot Out   The Throw Show
Ideal for any age and any skill level, your goal is to score a try while a giant elastic band, fitted to your waist, is drawing you back.   Start as the goalie by saving the penalty in the inflatable goalmouth and then prepare to kick the winning goal from the penalty mark.   Using the 10ft wide target, your job is to pick up the balls thrown or rolled at you and throw them back at the target as accurately as possible.

Turtle Tumbler   20-20 Batting   Speed King Bowling
Tumble around and tickle a turtle's soft tummy. Best suited for younger children, the Tumbler can take up to five children at a time and will be fully supervised.   It’s no picnic facing a delivery from a world class bowler & now you can feel it out for yourself with a safe batting environment & a speed-adjustable bowling machine.   Using the inflatable net and a full 22-yard run up with speed radar, the fastest bowler of the day wins a ticket to the next day's Cricket Classic match.

Amazing Journey
Just like The Amazing race, the challenges are suitable for all the family with lots of people to guide you through the four activity stations.


DIY Health Test